Conflict Resolution Paper

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Conflict Resolution Paper As nurses, it is imperative that we have skills to deal with conflict we encounter throughout the day. Some conflicts are easily handled with simple solutions; other disagreements can persist for weeks or even months and never be handled in a proper way to resolve the situation. The later kind of situation can create resentment, anger, and animosity between employees or colleagues. In this paper I will describe a conflict situation with resolution strategies used by the confronter, discuss other ways to resolve the conflict, and discuss the conflict theory most beneficial to use with a diverse group of people.
The emergency department (ED) I work at employs patient care technicians
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It is important to understand how to communicate feelings that are non-threatening and to the point. Using the conflict transformation theory the person avoids using a statement that labels, blames, or places guilt on another person (Chinn, 2008). Constructive statements that state your feeling and identifies the facts of what has happened should be used (Chinn, 2008). Sharing feelings in a non-threatening way allows more discussion (Chinn, 2008). We need to learn to respond to critical reflection without becoming defensive or getting upset. When we are responsible for the conflict, we can learn to respond constructively by following these steps. Listen to what the person is saying, wait for the others’ perspective of the situation in the group, and think about the critical reflection (Chinn, 2008). After these steps we can often make a decision of the fairness of the allegations. Using these steps allows us to respond to a critical reflection in a constructive way that does not sound defensive or apologetic. Present gossip in a positive way. People usually envision gossip as negative, but we can exhibit gossip in a helpful way (Chinn, 2008). To avoid rumors that blames or have potentially damaging affect on the other person, be able to name the purpose of the gossip (Chinn, 2008). According to the conflict transformation theory, when we

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