Essay on Conflict Resolution Of The Health Care Environment

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Challenges: Conflict Resolution
Conflicts have the ability to occur within any type of organization. Consequently, the health care environment is a fast-paced, challenging, and constantly changing industry that may easily lead to stressful situations, which result in some type of conflict. As a result, variety of conflicts can occur at different levels of a health care organization, which could affect the quality of health care services delivered to the patients. Therefore, effective conflict resolution strategies are essential to minimize any influence on the delivery of medical services to the patients. However, conflicts have the potential to be positive or negative; it depends on how the conflict is handled (Lipcamon & Mainwaring, 2004). As a result, conflict provides feedback to an employee on how things are going within the organization (Lipcamon & Mainwaring, 2004). Consequently, if conflicts are not controlled or directed then the conflict can have a negative effect on the department and/or organization, which can also deflate employee morale (Lipcamon & Mainwaring, 2004). In addition, conflicts have the ability to show the manager what is not working within the department or organization.
Overall, there are four general sources of interpersonal conflict, which are role incompatibility, personal difference, informational deficiency, and environmental stress (Lipcamon & Mainwaring, 2004). As a result, there are five common responses to conflict, which are…

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