Essay on Conflict Resolution : Conflict And Conflict

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Throughout psychology’s history there have been many different attempts to resolve conflicts which resulted in improvements and strides in conflicts resolution. From these improvements new techniques to resolve conflicts have been created or improved on such as learning how to listen to the conflict and know when to withdraw from a disagreement because it’s not worth ones time. Another technique that has arisen from conflict resolution is how to work with other individuals to reach one agreement leading to less hostility. To understand how conflict resolution works, one must define what conflict is and what it entails.
Conflict is defined as a disagreement, but contrary to popular belief conflict does not necessarily involve fighting. When people sense disagreement they tend to feel uncomfortable, which alerts them to the reality that conflict is occurring. Conflict exists in any situation where facts, desires or fears pull or push participants against each other or in divergent directions (Heitler, 2012). Many simple actions can begin conflict such as decision making, seeing things differently, or making plans with friends, family, etc. To enjoy one’s relationships, one has to refrain from becoming irritable and argumentative. By starting to understand the reasons and the signs of the beginning of a conflict one can start taking the necessary steps in order to resolve them. Usually the first step one must undertake is to recognize that a conflict exists so that…

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