Essay on Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking

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Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking
Conflict can arise among different people in a variety of ways and at different levels of severity. When two or more people, groups, or countries interact, their individual needs and goals may conflict. Conflict normally comes about over the pursuit of self-interests. The way that society tries to prevent conflict is by establishing laws or guidelines that regulate the self-serving behaviors of individuals and groups (Meyers, 2009).
One major situation that can cause conflict is when a person feels they are being treated wrong. As defined, justice is giving out rewards in proportion to a person’s contributions (Meyers, 2009). One instance of conflict that fits this situation is bullying in schools
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Teaching their child from a very early age the importance of sharing and caring is a first step to preventing them from later exemplifying bullying behavior. Establishment of appropriate discipline and moral background is another way to help in prevention of rearing a bully as well. The schools can help to educate parents to recognize signs of bullying and introduce measures of prevention (Stop Bullying Now!, 2010).
Parents need to become aware of the signs that their child may be a victim of bullying. Some of those include coming home with damaged or missing belongings or having bruises, scratches or cuts that they cannot explain. The typical bully victim may have few, if any, friends that they spend time with. They may suddenly fear going to school, riding the bus, or taking part in organized activities at school. The victim may lose interest in school work and his or her grades may suffer. They will begin to be moody, sad, and even depressed. A bullying victim may also complain of aches and pains or have trouble sleeping (Stop Bullying Now!, 2010). Teachers and school officials should watch for signs of persistent teasing, extortion, insults, or the child being excluded from social interactions within groups. Intimidating facial gestures and body language can also be a sign of bullying. The victim will usually try to stay close to teachers and make frequent visits to the school nurse. They may be tardy or absent a lot and withdrawal from

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