Conflict of Science and Religion Essay

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All throughout the history of man, religion and science have always been in conflict. Although there is conflict between science and religion, it can be theorized with the Hostility, Harmony, and Indifference Theories that have manifested from the credence of each.
The Hostility Theory is a theory about the conflict of science and religion in which both sides, the religious and, the scientific; believe both sides are dangerously wrong in their approach and beliefs. People that fit this theory have very strong religious beliefs and are strongly against scientist trying to disprove their beliefs and customs. Scientists that fit this theory hate that people could believe in a higher power and believe it is their duty to disprove religion
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Many of the scientists that use this theory believed they were studying God’s handiwork. Reformer John Calvin used this theory and encouraged others to study what he called God’s handiwork. Some scientists feel they have honored God by having taught people about how they were created. William Paley is an example of a scientist who felt they were honoring God by teaching people how they were created. The Harmony Theory shows that science and religion can work together towards a common goal and confirm and strengthen people’s beliefs in both science and religion. Bringing the two together has been a blessing for both areas because it can strengthen the bond between the two.
The Indifference Theory is the theory, science and religion are attending to disparate issues, and the answers they give have no implications for the other discipline. Science pertains to the classification of empirical observations; religion pertains to ethics, ritual, and propositions such as the assertion that a divine being exists that have no empirical entailments. The indifference theory makes scientific declarations exempt from religious scrutiny and vice versa. Scientific cannot declare scrutiny on religion to make its claims false or inaccurate. Religion cannot declare scrutiny on science to make it claims false or inaccurate. Barth argues that science and religion are significantly separated. Barth attempted

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