Conflict Is Bad Or Negative? Essay

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Constructive Conflict for Positive Change
Have you ever bitten your tongue because you feared your opinion may provoke a fight? Most, if not all of us, people have at one point or another. Why is it, that we fear provoking conflict? Margaret Heffernan challenges the common misconception that conflict is bad or negative in her TED talk, "Margaret Heffernan: Dare to disagree" June, 2012. She explains: how confronting our fears of conflict can have positive effects, that constructive conflict is essential to forward progress, and while it might seem odd-- sometimes the best partnerships are composed people with vastly different than theirs.
Confronting our fears of conflict can a have positive effect on not only our lives, but on our peers lives as well. Margaret shared the shocking statistic; 85% of executives in an American and European survey said that they have had an issue or concern that they did not bring up because they were worried it cause a conflict that they wouldn’t be able to handle. Margaret tells a story of man Joe, an executive at a medical device company. Joe had concerns about a device his company was making, but, like the eighty-five percent executives in the survey, he was too afraid to bring those concerns up with his peers. After working with Margaret, he decided to face his fear and tell his peers about his concerns. Much to his surprise, his peers were also having the same concerns. Once they were open about their concerns they were able to work as a…

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