Essay about Conflict Is A Part Of Our Daily Public And Private Life

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Conflict is a part of our daily public and private life; a widespread and indispensable phenomenon in one’s home, work, social and recreational setting (Colvin, 2013; Robbins and Sanghi, 2006, as cited in Anjum, et al., 2014). It can lead to tension and emotional stress, often resulting from a natural disagreement between individuals or groups of people who differ in attitudes, beliefs, needs, values or vision (Armarche, 2012). Yet, fortunately conflict does not reflect an absolute end to relationships, but a need for change, mutual consensus and reconciliation. Additionally, it does not have to represent a symbol for failure, but presents an opportunity for people to improve communication, reach equitable and fair agreements and establish the needs of all parties involved in the negotiation process. Although pervasive and inevitable, conflict can foster or impede productivity in many settings (Robbins and Sanghi, 2006).
The five types of conflicts often witnessed by mediators are centered in these domains: data conflict, interest conflict, relationship conflict, structural conflict and value conflict.
-Data conflict occurs when data information is missing, inaccurate or flawed, or interpreted differently
-Interest conflict is based on one’s actual or perceived reasons for “why” they want something to occur, such as procedural issues (how decisions should be made) or psychological concerns (who is right or wrong).
-Relationship conflict results from misconceptions or…

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