Conflict In The Movie Crash

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The movie “Crashed” by Paul Haggis is a movie based on very strong racial issues when in about three days and three nights multiple families of many different backgrounds clash in a theoretical “crash of conflicts”. It all started in an altercation with the persian family in the gun store and the daughter buys ammo for her father but they are blanks. The scene switches to the two african americans i know one is ludacris and his partner in crime both are discussing why they are always stipulated for being involved in crime. As soon as they finish the conversation though a white couple walks to their white navigator and they began to jack the couple and they get into the vehicle. The wife already skeptical to the situation and when she saw the mexican doing her locks and …show more content…
Later the persian man has the mexican locksmith work on his shop but the persian man is stubborn so the mexican leaves and when the persian man comes to his store the next day he finds it was broken into, immediately the he thinks it's all the locksmith’s fault. He grabs the gun and goes to the mexicans house and spots the man from before and he confronts him wielding the gun and before he shoots the little girls jumps in the way. Luckily the gun was loaded with blanks so she was safe but the mexicans daughter was lead to believe her “cloak” saved them. Soon the “good” cop gets off duty and while he is driving he runs into a black hitchhiker which turned out to be ludacris’ partner in crime. The off duty cop allows him in they exchange a few words and the hitch hiker reaches for his pocket and the cop shoots him assuming he had a gun. But the guy only had a medallion just like what was in the cop’s car, the cop realizing this he panicked and kicked the guy into a ditch off the

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