Night By Elie Wiesel Research Paper

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How often are we affected by our everyday surroundings and conflicts as we grow up? The truth is, we are susceptible to almost anything in our environment as we mature, which can either hinder or strengthen our beliefs, relationships and overall health. A great example of this vulnerability is displayed in the novel Night by Eliezer Wiesel, which is told through the perspective of the author first-hand as he tries to survive through multiple Jewish concentration camps during the Holocaust. He has to experience traumatizing scenes throughout the book that are substantially inhumane. During this time of struggle and fight for life, Eliezer’s feelings towards the world are completely changed negatively, ultimately hindering his faith in God. Before fully experiencing the prolonged anguish to both himself and his peers at the concentration camps, Eliezer had a completely different outlook on the people he was influenced by; he stood living in faith for God. For example, before Eliezer was ever in the camp, he strived to study Kabbalah, a Jewish tradition of interpreting the Bible, at a very young age. Eliezer quotes, “Thus began my initiation. Together we would read, over and over again, the same page of the Zohar. Not to learn it by heart but to discover within the very essence of divinity” (Wiesel 5). This shows what greatness of feelings Eliezer …show more content…
Eliezer spent months praying, rebelling and then ceasing all efforts to try to find an answer to just why him and the Jews were put through a camp of mass murdering, which is something that even today we struggle with comprehending. Overall, the importance of the novel Night is how it shows just how these concentration camps turned these innocent, thriving lives into weak, lifeless corpses and how easily it happened through the perspective of such a young

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