Conflict In Mean Girls

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Cady, in turn, seeks revenge by using Janis’ plan to cut Regina’s resources; the plan included: separating Regina from Aaron, destroying her beauty, and turning Regina’s friends against her. In turn, Regina responds to Cady’s actions by reporting the burn book to the principle and then spreading the pages of the book all over the school. In order to make herself look innocent, she writes that she is a “slut” in the book. As a result of Regina’s actions, the school became a mob. Friends were turning on one another because secrets were being revealed. The root of the mob was emotion, many felt betrayed and humiliated that their secret was out in the open. In response to Regina ostracizing Janis, Janis persuades Cady to plot against Regina. Additionally, …show more content…
One reason why intragroup conflict had occurred was due to insecurity and personal conflicts that occurred once members of the group began to dislike one another. As a result of Cady’s plan of turning the girls against each other, they began to feel ostracized from Regina, who is the group leader. According to Alicke et al., 1992, personal likes and dislikes do not always translate into group conflict, but people will air their complaints about the group or their dislike for a group member. Similarly, the conflict with the plastics was not physical conflict, but conflict rooted in complaints. When Cady started to turn the girls against one another, they began to talk about Regina, sharing their dislike for her and expressing how mean she is to the members of the group. These factors of dissatisfaction led to an increase in conflict within the group. This is true for the plastics, as Regina felt excluded from the group, and Karen felt ostracized from Regina, the conflict within the group …show more content…
Notably, everyone in a group can’t be the leader, there must be followers and in the plastics, it was obvious that no matter who you were Regina will still keep the title of the queen bee. Starting with the positive effects of having power, the plastics were always in sync. They would wear similar outfits to school each day, had the same thoughts, sat together, and gathered together outside of school. Indeed, from the looking in, the plastics looked like a happy group with an overall positive emotion. They rewarded one another by complimenting each other’s outfits, and hair. Karen often used “that’s so fetch,” as a way of complimenting people for keeping up with the latest trends. Though, Regina tried to stop Karen from using the word, lessening her individual character to fit the overall group and Regina’s wants. As a result of Regina’s power, she never took the chance to understand others’ perspectives in the group. Moreover, as the leader with the power, Regina made riskier and less ethical decisions such as cheating on Aaron and making Karen keep it a secret from everyone. Regina created the burn book and kept it in her room to use it to gossip about people in her class. The plastics self-evaluations were more positive compared to the evaluations of others. In the scene where the students were participating in the

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