Conflict In Jennifer Cervantes 'Confetti Girl'

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Everyone has dealt with situations where the other person won’t agree with their point of view on a situation. Well, many stories use these situation to create conflict. When two different perspectives are trying to take the lead, it is almost impossible for the opposing view to compromise, because each side thinks they are correct. Confetti Girl by Diana Lopez and Tortilla Sun by Jennifer Cervantes show that different points of views, for example, from a parent and from a child, can create tension because there are two different thought-processes trying to be put forth, which can create conflict.
To begin with, in a passage from Confetti Girl, it can be interpreted how two different points of view can create conflict in the situation. When
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The scene in this passage describes a mother explaining to her daughter, Izzy, that she will have to go stay in another state, New Mexico, while she goes to Costa Rica to complete her research. She mentions, “Our lives will change….For the better” (15). When Izzy tries to argue against having to go to New Mexico to stay with her Nana, her mother objects saying, “You’re going to New Mexico and that’s final” (28). These two statements that Izzy’s mother has made go to show that Izzy’s mother is very strict on her decision, and that she clearly thinks this is beneficial for the two of them. Of course, Izzy’s mother explains that it will be great opportunity for her, but Izzy bursts, saying, “Opportunity? For me? Or for you?”(28). This portrays the fact that Izzy doesn’t think that this is beneficial at all, at least for her, because she has to stay with her stranger-Nana, in a whole new place for two whole months. What is shown here is a thoughtful mother’s point of view and a scared daughter’s point of view. Izzy is clearly frightened and not happy about the idea of leaving her mother for two months to stay in an alien-to-her place. However, her mother sees this as a way to better their lives, as she will be able to graduate college, a milestone for her life, and also for their future. This will definitely create conflict in their lives, because they both have different views on how to deal with the situation, Izzy looking at the present, but Izzy’s mother looking at the

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