Conflict In Hamlet And Ophelia

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The love story of Hamlet and Ophelia was terribly devastating. These two lovers, who could’ve been together; died in tragedy apart. There were many conflicts and reasons why Hamlet and Ophelia kept growing apart throughout the story. It was mostly because of Hamlet hostility towards Ophelia throughout Act 3. The reasons he acted cruelly to her because of his mother, Gertrude who recently married her brother-in-law Claudius in a short period of time after her husband’s death. Due to this, he displaces his anger towards Ophelia in Act 3, Scene 1.
The second reason could be, it just all an act. In the play, there were people spying on him throughout the story, for example; Polonius, Rosencrantz, and Guildenstern. He was worried; his ‘pretending
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Dover Wilson, Hamlet 's sudden rudeness towards Ophelia started during Act 2, scene 2. He stated, Hamlet overheard Polonius 's scheme about letting his daughter go to him and find out what’s actually wrong with him. According to this, Hamlet would be aware that there is spies’ presence behind the arras in the Nunnery scene. Therefore, he knew his meeting with Ophelia was a plan by the King and Polonius. This lead to his distrust and hostility against Ophelia personally because he knew she was a decoy all along. Hamlet already trusted Ophelia with his love, but she basically broke it by listening to her father. Since, Hamlet expected so much from her, but without knowing she basically fails him by deceiving him. Thus, creates Hamlet bitterness against Ophelia …show more content…
Gertrude marriage was wrong for many reasons, due to her current husband being her former brother-in-law and marrying less than a month. However, it doesn’t make it ok to be mean to Ophelia. He should’ve known not all women are like his mother and should’ve had faith in his love. Although, Hamlet’s behavior towards Ophelia wasn’t acceptable, it’s understandable during this modern time as a teenager. No teenager would be fine, if their mother or father get married less than a month after their other parent’s death. They will be mean and hostile to everyone like Hamlet. They’ll mostly hate the new person their parents got married to, but will not displace their anger to their friends or girlfriend like Prince Hamlet. Hamlet’s feeling about his mother marriage is understandable in this modern age, if a teenager is going through what he went through. But, they would’ve done it differently or act in another way. Teenagers today, would’ve probably only been rude to their parent and step-parents. Also, rebel against them like Hamlet been doing in the play by talking back to Gertrude and

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