Examples Of Conflict In Dark Places

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“Conflict is the beginning of consciousness”- M. Esther Harding. This quote states that conflict builds character and consciousness, furthering who you are. In this case it furthers the main protagonist of the book Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, Libby Day. The book Dark Places is a murder mystery horror novel, set in the mid 2010’s, and is geared for mid-to-late teenagers and early adults. It is recommended for this age group do to its controversial and graphic content. This essay will be about the different kinds of conflict shown and used in the book to further the story and evolve the character. The four main types of conflict in the book are as follows: Person vs. Person, Person vs. Environment, Person vs. Society, and Person vs. Self. The first type of conflict I will …show more content…
Person. The first PvP conflict Libby faces is when she was very young and someone murdered her two sisters and mother. The perpetrator is first believed to be Libby’s brother, Ben, causing Libby tobe in constant fear of herself and an anger towards her genealogy. This eventually leads her to dye her hair to separate herself, showing her pain and anger. “...I screamed ‘they’re all dead!’ in a voice that hurt my own ears”(Page 44) is a quote of what Libby said upon finding her family, showing her immediate agony and fear. Libby’s family was murdered while she slept, eventually leading her to sleep with the lights on out of fear. The second PvP conflict that Libby faced was Lyle Wirth, the leader of the “Kill Club”. The Kill Club is a group of people who are obsessed with the Day Massacre. “...Lyle said, leaning out from behind me like a

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