Conflict Between Violence And Violence Essays

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There are many definitions for peace and violence. However, the definition is dependent on the context of the situation in which it is applied. So really, there are many definitions of peace and violence as they are applied. There are, however, different kinds of peace and different kinds of violence that can be applied to various situations. The two categories for peace are divided into Negative peace and Positive peace, while the two categories for violence are divided into Cultural violence and Structural violence. These four categories of peace and violence play a significant role in the discussion of how both are seen in the United States. To begin, violence is not merely when one is being physically attacked, shot at, or abused. Individuals tend to think that in order to have violence one must be physically ailed or assaulted. However, that is not the case. There are much subtler occurrences of violence seen throughout the United States. Such instances can be divided into two groups: Cultural violence and Structural violence. Cultural violence has to do with violence that occurs, of course, on a cultural level. As reference in the book “Between the World and Me,” the author, Ta-Nahasi Coates, references instances of Cultural violence growing up in cities like Chicago and Baltimore. He discusses where he has more to fear by being pulled over by a cop than if a white man were to be pulled over. While this might be true in other cities, Coates mentions how it is more…

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