Conflict Between Two Nurses And The Day Shift Nurse Alexandria

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Conflict, “is a disagreement on values or beliefs within oneself or between people that causes harm or has the potential to cause harm” (Yoder-Wise, 2015).
The scenario given describes the conflict between two nurses: the night shift nurse Nancy, and the day shift nurse Alexandria. They both have different opinions on the problem and neither has made an effort to address the issue. Alexandria complains that she has to finish tasks that Nancy has not completed during her shift. Nancy complains that Alexandria does not like everything she does and is unable to do enough to her satisfaction.
They both expressed their feelings to other staff members instead of each other. Nancy essentially is stating that there are too many tasks and not adequate staffing at night. Whereas, Alexandria is stating that she has a lot to do during her shift and that she questions what Nancy does during her shift since there is always incomplete work to be done. In my opinion, I would have both Nancy and Alexandria meet to discuss their concerns so that a resolution can be established.
The environment would have to be non-threatening and they would both have to agree to listen, take notes for rebuttal and have an open mind. Both nurses would have to do this when they have had some rest and some time to think about what they want to say. They should write their issues down and present it in a nonthreatening manner. Using this strategy can differentiate if the conflict is intrapersonal,…

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