Essay about Conflict Between The State And The Church

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On July 30, 1926 Plutarco Elias Calles, the President of Mexico, had a conversation with two Bishops of Mexico, Pascual Diaz and Leopoldo Ruiz. In the correspondence made by Calles he tells the Bishops: “El único camino que existe para que todas estas dificultades terminen es que el clero se someta a esa ley...” Calles is warning the clergy to submit to the Mexican Constitution or there would be dire consequences. This conversation would take place a day before the suspension of religion services. On July 31, 1926 the continuing enforcing of the Constitution by the President was the breaking point for the already turbulent relationship between the Mexican clergy and the Government. This conflict became known as the Cristero Rebellion and two of the main scholars who have studied the rebellion are Jean Meyer and David Bailey. They argue that both the Government and the Cristeros were at fault for escalating the problem between the State and the Church. Meyers argument is that the Cristeros was an ensemble of Mexican peasants who where not organized and just banded together to protect the Church and their families from governments oppression. Bailey argues that the Cristeros were Catholic organizations such as the “Liga” and “Asociacion Catolica de la Juventud Mexicana” who were organized troops who actually had a uniform. No matter who was the one at the forefront of the conflict it is important to note that there was more going on than just a war over religion. Cristero…

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