Conflict Between The Law And Ethics Essay

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Conflict between the Law and Ethics in Nursing Profession
It is often said that whatever is lawful does not directly translate that it is ethical. Nevertheless, there are instances of ethical practices that are directly lawful. All professions operate within guidelines of the law. On top of this law comes the ethics. In all cases, law precedes ethics. Neither law nor ethics can stand alone. However, chances of conflict between the law and the ethics have often been reported in different professions.
Like in any profession, nursing profession has laws it has to follow and ethics to adhere to. There is always a clash of which one is more important than the other. In this regard, this essay seeks to identify and discuss conflicts existing between the law and ethics in the nursing practice. Secondly, it discusses the history of how nurses have handled conflicts of a similar manner in the past, especially when the pressure is emanating from the government and its agencies. In addition this, it also explores means through which nurses should negotiate these conflicts in a more professional acceptable manner.

The Conflicts Among the many areas where the nurses are faced with dilemmas is on the issue of abortion. Abortion has a legal face when it is practiced to save the life of the mother. However, when illegally done, it turns out to be a liability to the nurse who allowed it. Whether legal or illegal, abortion involves taking away life of the unborn. It can…

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