Conflict Between Parents And Children Essays

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Besides, intergenerational conflicts may be bound to happen for most immigrants based on the acculturation gap between parents and children, as children of immigrants tend to adapt easily into the culture they find themselves. Furthermore, Smokowski & Bacallao (2007) indicate conflict between parents and adolescents may increase the acculturation stress by creating intergenerational and intercultural problems. Children often become involved in the United States culture faster then the adults, which instigates the development of an acculturation gap. The study also indicated that teens who are in conflict with their parents are more likely to internalize problems therefore increasing their acculturation stress, which is related to depression and suicidal ideation among the youth. Nonetheless, a counsellor can play a role in helping the immigrants child or children as they tries “bridging the gap” (Rana & Sihota, 2013, p. 116) between their traditional culture at home, and the conflicting values they are experiencing in their social life. Likewise, in counselling the parent the use of ethnographic inquiry, could be very effective in supporting an immigrant client, especially if it appears treatment may “shut down as soon as it begins” (Seeley, 2004, p. 128) due to cultural resistances to treatment. As seeking counselling can be viewed as a blow to dignity and values (Rana & Sihota, 2013), counsellors may be wise to prepare for culturally-based resistance and be open to…

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