Causes Of Conflict Between Natives And Settlers

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Did you know that when the settlers came to the North-West it caused conflict between the Natives and the Settlers.Well in the 1800´s the U.S. government and the Native Americans negotiated 500 treaties throughout the give up their land and get ¨benefits¨.Plus the settlers had no idea of the Natives cultural beliefs about the land and friendships so they caused most of the conflict because the settlers didn´t know their beliefs.
The Natives and settlers beliefs of land ownership were different. The Natives believed in fishing and hunting grounds within temporary tribal boundaries, but the settlers believed in individually owning land with permanent boundaries. When the natives and the settlers believed in different things (such as land ownership) they fought against each other. Also when the natives still believed in their beliefs they had a plan to assimilate the natives(make the Natives American citizens like them). Not to mention the natives and settlers different Ideas of just using that land for food because the natives would hunt and gather preserving the land. But the settlers would get food by farming and raising cattle. The Natives would get fruit from fruit trees and gather from the bushes, but when the settlers came, they tore down all those trees and bushes and made room for farms and wasting the resources.
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Other causes were temporary, but this had a long and lasting effect on the Native American population. The beliefs of the natives were different then the settlers and they wanted the natives to be like Americans. So they started discriminating Natives through culture and beliefs. Today the natives have rebuilt, but not without problems because they still only have a small portion of their land and a dwindling native culture. Have you ever been stripped of everything you believe in and forced to live somewhere? That's what the Natives had to

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