Conflict Between Israel And Palestine Essay

1980 Words Dec 1st, 2016 8 Pages
As the leader of the free world and a permanent member of the UN National Security Council, our responsibility as a country is to ensure the maintenance of international peace and security. In regard to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, it is imperative that a peaceful resolution is created that will somehow satisfy the wishes of both ethnoreligious groups. Terrorist attacks and violence against Israeli civilians, settlement expansion in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and the ongoing absence of Palestinian statehood have all impeded on the ability of both peoples to find a common ground. As a nation, we believe the ability of the Arab world and Jewish state to live peacefully amongst one another is possible, but will require commitment and peace agreements from both existing parties, as well as monitoring of the situation by the UN and other multilateral allies. Under the Mata Administration, it has been determined that it is in the U.S.’ interest to inject momentum into the peace process, but the U.S. will do so by taking a modest initiative in the matter. As we know, Israel stands as one of our most crucial allies against the war on terror, because we believe Israel’s enemies are not only threats to their national security, but also function as enemies to the U.S. However, the continuous warfare between the governments of Israel and Palestine have forced us to intervene, because of the fact that there are oppressed people that are being denied basic human…

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