Essay about Conflict Between Family And Conflict

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Conflict is considered another component of a family dynamic. Having a conflict between family members is definitely avoidable. It does not mean that it is a bad thing to have a conflict. Some people do not realize that trying to avoid conflict makes situations worse. The text states “conflict avoidance can lead to negative longterm consequences” (Gottman & Krokoff, 1990). All families experience conflicts as time transitions. A huge conflict that occurred in my family dealt with my youngest brother, Rodney, and one of ex girlfriends. My family is very overprotective with one another due to the fact that we are so close. The first impression of meeting with bad for the entire family. We could tell that my brother really liked her though. As time went on, we tried to bare with him dealing with her. They ended up breaking up due to a really big fight between them. After the fight, my family really did not care for her at all. Many months passed by, my brother and his girlfriend actually got back together. My brother wanted us to give her a second chance. My mom still did not care for her so it would be a little awkward tension whenever she came around. It got to the point where my brother stopped coming around. His absence definitely altered the family dynamic for a minute. We truly missed having him around. My brother finally asked for my mom and his girlfriend to sit down to discuss the conflict. This discussion gave them all a chance to explain their grievances with one…

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