Conflict Between Conflict And Conflict Essay

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15-Conflict Management-
Conflict situation is an important aspect and is a common phenomenon in the workplace. It is a situation when interests, requirements, goals or objectives of involved parties interfere with each other. Conflicts may arise due to disagreements between individuals or departments due to their diverse focus. Conflicts may occur within team members or departments, and client. A conflict allows opportunities for improvement. Therefore, it is mandatory to get understanding of conflict resolution techniques. Conflict management is the practice which allows identifying and handling conflicts sensibly, fairly, and efficiently.
Sources of Conflict -
Conflict is inevitable in the work environment which can lead to dysfunction. Conflict may occur due to number of reasons, and the most common ones are
Poor Communication: A Poor communication tends to prompt misunderstanding and dissension among individuals who need to cooperate, as on development ventures. Absence of data, halfway data, inconvenient data, and off base data all can prompt work being done that does not meet desires and sets the stage for conflict.
Absence of clarity: Project members may end up in turf wars when limits and desires are not plainly characterized. It is essential to clear up substance and to request affirmation of comprehension.
Conflict of interest: Individuals battling for individual objectives may dismiss venture or hierarchical objectives. One strategy might be persistently…

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