Conflict Between Conflict And Conflict Essay

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What is Conflict? According to Shearouse (2011), conflict can be defined as “when what you want, need, or expect interferes with what I want, need or expect”. In addition, conflict is when people’s differences negatively affect the productivity, quality, service, or working relationship. Conflict is often seen as a negative thing, however research shows us it can improve productivity and performance and strengthen teamwork. If people focus on the negative aspect of conflict, more than likely there will not be a solution. Conflict is evitable, but manageable.
Disagreement and Conflict A disagreement is a difference in position or opinion. When people have a disagreement it typically stems from a difference in interests, values, needs and experiences. Disagreeing with someone is not always a bad thing because it encourages interactions, and creates the opportunity to share knowledge and information. Although disagreements and conflict are sometimes used interchangeably, they have different definitions, and a disagreement can actually lead to a conflict. Unlike conflict, disagreements typically do not interfere with a relationship, or people’s wants needs or expectations; it is merely just a difference in opinion. However, a disagreement can lead to a conflict. Conflict 101 considers mild disagreements apart of the lower level of a conflict.
Importance of understanding and managing conflicts Since conflict is an evitable, and is more than likely to occur more than once in…

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