Conflict Between Conflict And Conflict Styles Essay

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Conflict Styles
At one point or another every person has face a conflict in their life. A conflict is an expressed struggle between two interdependent parties who perceive scare resources, incompatible goals, and interference between the other party in achieving their goals (Hocker & Wilmot, 2013). There are five different conflict styles that people uses to solve their conflicts which are avoidance, placating, competition, compromise, and collaboration. However, people tend to use the same conflict style to solve their conflicts. According to Mahaffey (2016) people develop a pattern on how to solve conflict at the age of five. How can a person determine which style to use in every conflict? Or how can they know which conflict style is the most effective? Every style is different and it is used according on how the person plans to solve the conflict. However, not every style can be used to solve a conflict how you desire. In occasions the conflict can get worst and make a relationship to end. Therefore, one should try not to solve every conflict using their predominant conflict style and use the other styles as a tool. In what follows we will examine the authors predominant conflict style and analyze, examine, and evaluate a conflict situation that happened at work.
Predominant Conflict Style
There are a lot of ways this author tries to deal with conflicts. Most of the time this author tends to make the conflict as small as possible and give in the situation. Whenever a…

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