Conflict Between An Administrator And The Public Essay examples

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Recently I was faced with the following question, “If you were told to do something by a superior that you knew was procedurally wrong, would you do it?” I’m sure this question would confuse anyone with having to choose right from wrong. When asked, my brain started moving fast, like the wheels on a locomotive; however, my thought process was slower than sand in an hour glass. I wanted to make sure that I gave the correct answer without having to jeopardize my commitment to ethics. I began to think, “If I say, ‘Yes’ would my character be questioned?” but, “If I say, ‘No’ would this person think I was being insubordinate?” To answer the question, one must consider policy versus procedure and then somewhere in the middle, lay the legality. There are two types of conflicts that may occur between an administrator and the public: Conflict among interests, such as personal, public, and organizational interests, and conflict among sources of authority; sources of authority include superiors, political officials, and the law (Cooper 94).

There is a fine line between policy and procedure; policy is driven by procedure. Procedure is the way in which you carry out the policy. In my current position as a Hearing Officer for the State of California, I have the authority to suspend or revoke a person’s driver’s license. I do have a wide range of authority including the type of sanction I impose and as a golden rule a hearing officer’s decision should not be swayed by their superiors.…

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