Conflict And Violence In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Register to read the introduction… This belies a history of young children being brought up with strife as the norm and fighting widely accepted and indeed congratulated. Every time Tybalt and any of the Montagues meet, there is a fight. This shows that to them, violence is as much of an innate reaction as breathing- their only conceivable response is to fight each other. This macho atmosphere means posturing and even more conflict and violence. It all began with the start of the feud, which was then passed down to each successive generation, with the memories of the feud fading for the older generations but still strong for the young. This perpetuates the conflict between the two families and leads to a domino effect.

A recurring theme within Romeo and Juliet is the conflict between love and hate- even the characters are aware of it. Juliet, who can appear overly romantic and impractical, at one point considers the divide between the two families, with “Deny thy father and refuse thy name”. Furthermore, Juliet proclaims that Romeo is her “only love sprung from my only hate!” This is the moment when she realises he is a Montague and shows the duality of love and hate within the

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