Conflict And The Hardest Conflict Essay

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In general, there will always be conflict and the hardest conflict to solve is social conflicts because you are dealing with people who practice differently religious and of a different culture. Therefore, because of different cultures there will always be some type of conflict in the workplace, homes or in our everyday surrounding. Furthermore, in the process of trying to solve resolved an intractable issue that it might not be resolved by communication or negotiation techniques because they involve different conflicting values and beliefs (Cahn, D., &. Abigail, R. A, 2014, p. 297). Is the United States the world police? In general, when discussing politics in the office it’ll often cause a conflict because everyone has a different view of the world and how the United States should play a role in keeping world peace. In our current world, there is conflict all around the globe and sometimes my wife gets upset when I watch the news because all the commentators discuss is conflict around the world. However, I explain to her that I watch the new because that’s is the only way I can keep up with the world event and this is a good way to have an idea if I’m going to be deploy in the near future. The President of the United States updates America and the world when he gives a late night news conference from the Oval office and usually it’s displayed on the news channel. In short, he’ll discuss some of the upcoming Operational plan he has authorize and which service and unit…

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