Essay about Conflict And Peacemaking : A Universal And Everyday Pandemic

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Occasions for conflict are everywhere – in workplaces, homes, churches, and societies both domestic and international. For many, many years, we have been at odds with establishing relationships healthy enough to endure struggles that arise. Thus, determining the causation for such a universal and everyday pandemic as social dilemma, gives rise to the question of how conflict affects how we think about, feel, and interact with one another. Studies performed by social psychologist have been instrumental in exploring conflict and peacemaking by identifying what factors intensify conflict and those that contribute to peace.

At every level of social interaction, conflict exists. In light of two or more people, groups, or countries coming together, the incompatibility of diverse goals, needs, and social norms becomes evident. Conflict in many ways denotes indifference, but amongst those of like minds, it embodies involvement, commitment, and concern. Though these communal quandaries surfaces as people pursue distinct interests supporting their collective disadvantages, studies have identified several components that can intensify social conflicts as well as productively manage the process that will expedite peace.

What social situations feed conflict? In order to appreciate everything collectively, we must consider the “big picture” (Psychology & Society, 2011). It is people that create the political, religious and cultural organizations that are governed and…

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