Conflict And How The Different Conflict Styles Can Affect Our Desires And Wants While

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We all encounter some type of conflict at least once in our life whether we would like to or not. And we all react in different ways using different methods to address the conflict. Everyone has experienced a moment where his or her wants and desires were challenged. The ways we approach conflict can have several different impacts, good and bad. Throughout this paper I’m going to analyze conflict and how the different conflict styles can affect our desires and wants while also reflecting on my own conflict experiences and how they relate to the different styles.
Conflict is the interaction between interdependent people who perceive incompatible goals, scarce resources, and interference from the in achieving their goals (Coles Cone 2016). In a nutshell, conflict is a disagreement between individuals that prevents people from getting what they desire. Conflict can occur when discussing several topics such sports, religion, and politics. The way we act when faced with a conflict is where things get interesting. There are five types of styles associated with conflict; avoidance, collaboration, compromise, accommodation, and competition. These five styles all differ in approach and willingness to resolve the conflict.
People who shy away from conflict are known avoiders. Avoidance is ignoring the conflict and acting as if nothing is wrong (McCornack 2016). Acting like a conflict does not exist usually is easier for people rather than confronting the source of that conflict.…

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