Confianza Essay

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Chapter 2: Executive Summary

Name of the Business The name of the company is Confianza Archiving Solutions. Confianza is the Spanish word for “trust,” the most basic requirement and expectation of an offsite file management company. The company aims to assure the safety and confidentiality in handling clients’ materials. Contents with vulnerable and sensitive information will be given due professional care. Confianza provides clients the peace of mind in knowing that their data is safeguarded.

Location The proposed business will be situated at Lot 15, Barangay Ususan, Taguig City. The location is a warehouse and lot. Taguig is best suited to cater the necessities of the organization. It attests to be a better area for
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A meeting with the Customer Relations Department Head and the company’s in-house lawyer will be arranged at the client’s earliest convenience. A contract shall be signed after the parties of the meeting have negotiated the terms, conditions and other pertinent matters of the forthcoming business relationship. The client shall avail of the services when they require. These include initial and additional file-storing; retrieval through delivery, pick-up or access on site; and, eventual disposal of records. Value-added services (free of charge) include monthly transaction and inventory reports and the use of the warehouse’s viewing room. Generally, billing will be done quarterly unless provisions of the contract assert otherwise.

Marketing strategies to be employed will be in the form of pamphlets, print and e-based advertisements. Confianza Archiving Solutions aims to be a brand name in file management technology in the country.

This type of service will help businesses and the economy as a whole by allocating resources to more necessary expenditures. Work space will be maximized, effort made to organize and find records need not be wasted, and employee productivity and performance is expected to increase and improve respectively.

Company Objectives
The company hopes to achieve the following:

Short-Term 1. To attract and capture a reasonable portion of the target market through aggressive marketing strategies. 2. To

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