Confessions Of A Ritual Tourist Analysis

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While must people may spend there life looking to make as much money as possible and to have the nicest house and the fastest car, There are some people that go through life searching for fulfillment trying to learn more about themselves and find there purpose in life or a spiritual calling. Which is the best way to live your life some may ask, is it better to live for human made items or is your life supposed to be for you to connect with others around you and find your purpose? If the reason for life is to find your purpose connect with people and to ultimately find happiness how do you do that? While one may suggest that the best way to find this in your life is through travel. Traveling allows a person to understand more about him or …show more content…
The theme of traveling in order to learn more about yourself and the world around you is also shared in both the essay and the film. At the beginning of the essay Francine Prose was an tourist who never would of thought that she would be into traveling to see ritual events, she was in love with letting her travels being free spirited. She know people that would travel in groups in order to see ritual events but use to think that it was better to just travel and if she and her husband found themselves in the middle of a ritual then it would only make there travels better but that was never there mani focus to start. Evenly she and her husband would end up falling in love with the idea of traveling to see such events so they started to do so. Another Common similarity that is shared between the film and the essay is the dangers that you face when yo travel. The major differences between the two is how, when and where it was done. In the essay “Confessions of a Ritual Tourist” the author writes about traveling in order to see ritual events and to connect with the people and also the culture. The author talks about how seeing these events allows you to grow and learn more about yourself. How planning a trip to see these ritual events brings a new point of view into your life just how traveling thourghout nature did for Christopher Mccandleuss in the movie “Into The Wild”. But even though the author Francine Prose came to know and understand the things around her just like Christopher did in the film they both faced different sets of dangers. Francine Prose in one of her travels became sick after drinking tea at an restaurant in a country that she was visiting, later she found out that this restaurant was know in town for being nasty and carrying disease and the main visitors of this place where mainly outsiders people who visited who did now know

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