Confessional Poetry Analysis

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Chapter I mainly discuss the relationship between psychology and literature, especially the relation between psychical experience and poetic imagination. What’s more,this chapter works on the profound and surprising links between psychiatry syndromes and poetic creation. The syndromes of psychiatry also had been displayed an crucial role in both the poetic creation and the poetry of confessional poets.
Firstly, these six confessional poets will be studied from a pathography perspective. Based on the research on the (auto)biographies of confessional poets, most, or even all, of them used to be diagnosed as mentally ill. Plath began to suffer the symptoms of severe depression which ultimately lead to her death since her undergraduate year. One
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According to different psychiatric symptoms, the neurotic element of confessional poetry will be analyzed from three perspective, sensation disorders, perception disorders, and psychosensory disorders. Just as the confessional poets are fused with psychiatric disorders, the confessional poetry is also fused with neurotic elements. In Roethke’s nature poetry, the speaker sometimes transformed into a tree, or sometimes submerge into water. In modern society, individuals are separated from society, the connection between man and nature are cut. For this reason, only by turning to greenhouse or inner world, can Roethke recover this connection by imagination. Not only Roethke, Plath also identified herself as Daphne, who protect herself by becoming a tree in “The Arrival of the Bee Box”, one of her Bee Poems, “I wonder if they would forget me, if I just undid the locks and stood back and turned into a tree.” Besides this, the misperception also contributes to the special characteristics of confessional poetry. In Roethke’s eye, “All small shapes, willow- shy, / In the obscure haze, sing!/ The moon, a pure Islamic shape, looked down/ The light air slowed: it was not night or day./ All natural shapers became symbolical.” The night, bird and moon are all moving, transforming, thus the bonduary between things and the speaker are blurring. Like wise, most of the

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