Confederate Reckoning : Power And Politics Essay

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Many know the story of the Confederate States of America and how this nation was created by slaveholders who wanted to protect their property. From the novel Confederate Reckoning: Power and Politics in The Civil War South we are able to gain an insight on how the ideologies that the confederacy were based on contributed to its downfall. These slaveholders might have created a powerful empire but they did not realize that they had excluded most of their population of white-women and slaves. The confederacy tried to succeed and they failed and what we see from Confederate Reckoning: Power and Politics in The Civil War South is that in this political battle women and slaves played a huge role in the confederacy and its fate and also played a huge role in deciding the outcome of the civil war. The first issue we see in this book is the boundary set within the communities between men and women. White women had a partial citizen status but they were not granted the same rights as men. We learn how even though they had partial status that all of their connections to the government went through their husbands. “Then the recognition of women as a force in Confederate political life came into sharp focus” (88). The war had brought many struggles when it came to policies and now that white women were involved there was a new relationship with the state and new political identities to advance their interests. Females were used as spies and this raised questions as to whether they…

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