Confederate Reckoning By Stephanie Mccurry Essay

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The Civil War took place from 1861-1865 and it was fought between the Union and the Southern Confederate States. The Confederate Army fought for their right to own slaves while the Union fought to abolish all slavery. In the book Confederate Reckoning by Stephanie McCurry, she explains things that take place during the war but are not apart of the battle. McCurry thoroughly explains African slaves and white women during the civil war and their political state of mind and political consequences of their actions and behavior. The Confederate government had to deal with both slaves and white women because of their own choice to fight against the Union in the Civil War. The book debates that African slaves and white women shaped the Confederate states during the Civil War time period. Southern political life was changed drastically by white women and slaves during the Civil War. This is shown in the book when McCurry states, “white women emerged into authority and even leadership on a range of issues at the heart of the popular politics in the Civil War South” (p.135). Although white women and slaves pushed hard against the government, they stood their ground. Slaves during the Civil War were completely excluded from all political life while women had not much more. Women were considered to have partial citizenship, and had no right to vote. There was questions at one point as to whether or not women were even considered citizens. A main point in time that started white women…

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