Alex Hoyer's Cone With Balloon Analysis

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Take a Closer Look:
An In-depth Analysis of Alexa Hoyer’s Cone with Balloon and Hose Circle First impression can be the base of any relationship, but the great thing about this concept is that it can always be altered. This type of situation can be paralleled to any piece of artwork. When the audience first encounters an artwork, they establish an interpretation of the meaning behind the art. Although, as they look deeper, their interpretation of the art begins to change so a relationship develops between the viewer and the art. Alexa Hoyer’s photograph, Cone with Balloon and Hose Circle, consist of a background full of random junk, a bright orange cone, and three deflated balloons. (Hoyer) To one, it might look like an image that can be
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The purpose of traffic cones is to create boundaries in order to establish safety for the drivers, the pedestrians and the construction workers. Therefore, those who pass it automatically understand that they must abide the boundaries, and just like how people understand that if the law isn’t followed, there will be consequences. Likewise, the balloons also played a part in describing the political aspect of the image. One deflated balloon was a bright green color while the other two balloons had pink cheetah pattern along with a happy birthday sign. In most celebrations, balloons usually play a big part in the decorating process and in this image, it gave the same purpose. The location of the balloons were significant in adding to the implication of political issues. They were placed to surround the cone in order to create a representation of the law and show its association with the politics that the society is dealing with today. People think they know what is actually going on within the law based off of what they see in social media or what they hear from other people, but that is not the case. They are only hearing a part of the story rather than the whole story, so they are left in the darkness when it comes to political issues. It is quite ironic how Hoyer was able to use such playful materials in order to describe such serious topics.

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