Essay on Conducting Business in China

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Conducting Business in China
China’s three historic schools of thought are Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. These three beliefs make up the foundation for Chinese society. Confucianism is mostly concerned with political ideas and social harmony; Taoism is concerned with the health of the human body; and Buddhism is most concerned with psychology and the nature of the mind. Each of these teachings also emphasis the opposite of its main focus. Confucianism promoted social harmony by teaching about self-cultivation; Taoism talked about health by having harmony with the natural environment; and Buddhism taught about the mind by contrasting it with the material world of things. These philosophies influence business because they are
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Alcohol consumption is a requirement at any lunch or dinner meeting and is considered rude if one does not drink. Therefore I would need to make sure to drink with my prospective business partners. It’s also very rude to try splitting bills so whoever is considered the host for the night is the one that picks up the bill for everything. So I would be prepared to spend money in this occasion. When addressing parties I need to make sure and address them by their title like Chairman, Director, Manager, etc. I also need to make sure that when handing out business cards or brochures that I start with the most senior person before moving down and that I give them the information with both hands stretched out as a sign of respect. Gifts are also important in conducting business in China so I need to make sure to give gifts to my business partners. The more senior partners will naturally get a gift of higher value than everyone else. There are also social taboos to avoid while conversing with Chinese businessmen. The following are examples I have seen: no mentioning of Taiwan as an independent state or country; no high praise of Japan; avoid criticizing Deng Hsiao Ping; never praise Shanghai in front of Beijing natives and vice versa. In addition I would definitely show an active interest in wanting to know more about their philosophies and ask them to explain it to me. This would show that

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