Conduct A Brief Ethnography Based On The Movie, Mcfarland, Usa

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In this paper, I am going to conduct a brief ethnography based on the movie, McFarland, USA. Also, I will focus finding some of the most crucial ways that enable youth to make a sincere relationship with their friends regardless of any cultural elements such as languages or different norms. First of all, I would like to consider any difficulties and situations that prohibit youth having a genuine friendship. It is fact that everyone is living the world having their own culture. In other words, when there are two different people groups from dissimilar cultural backgrounds, one group might have different values, perceptions, or perspective than another group. According to the book, the fact that our reality of the world is getting global is statistically proven with the statement, “Nearly 90% of leading executives from 68 countries named cross-cultural leaderships as the leading management challenge for the next century.” Thus, such a global reality can sometimes lead to the situation where youth have difficulty in cooperating each other because of cultural diversity. Nevertheless, people need to learn how to make intercultural communication with different cultural framed groups. What makes it important is the capability of the understanding of intercultural expectations and perceptions from people with diverse backgrounds.
Furthermore, when describing some of these problems, I found examples with the movie I observed in the class, McFarland, USA. There was a time when Mr.…

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