Grotte Des Combaziles

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Throughout history there has been a worry about pregnancy and the spread of disease. As early as 950 B.C it is thought that Egyptians were the first to use a sheath made from a multitude of things to protect men and woman while having sex. The earliest proof of condom use is believed to be found in the Grotte des Combaziles, a cave in France. Historians have dated a wall painting of a man with a condom on back to 11,000 B.C.
These were not at all what we know as condoms today. Our ancient ancestors used many materials we would never think to even try to use. They used animal horns, leather sheaths, animal intestines, fish bladders, and even linen sheaths. Could you imagine? None of these materials have the safety of condoms available in our
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An Italian physician and atomist named, Gabrielle Fallopius writes about and is concerned with the syphilis epidemic that has come about in DeMorbo Gallico. To help stop the spread of this often deadly disease, he had the idea that people should use a linen sheath that had been soaked in chemicals and dried. Fallopius then conducted a public experiment which involved about 1100 participants to find the effectiveness of this product. The experiment proved to be successful and not one participant got syphilis.
Now that people knew of the condom, the 1600 's saw a few things happen. Condoms began to be sold to the public. These condoms were made from animal intestines and cost a lot of money, making them not very practical. People still bought them but, they would use the condom, wash/rinse it, and re-use it. OMG! Can anybody believe this? Rinsing and re-using a condom! We’ve definitely come a long way contraceptives.
Also, in 1605, the Catholic theologian Leonardus Lessius claimed that condoms were immoral. Makes one wonder if this is the start of Catholics being against birth control. Then, 61 years later (1666), birth rates were dropping. The English Birth Rate Commission accredited it to the use of "condons" and this was the first time the English word for condom was
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This is frowned upon in 1700 's and could have damaging effects to the emerging condom market. But, our English ancestors in true form did not let this bother them. In fact, the condom market expands during this time. Condoms become more available and are now often made from "skin", meaning animal intestines or bladders treated with sulfur or lye. If not made of these materials, they are made of linen soaked in chemicals. Nobody in this time thinks anything of using these chemicals and materials as a condom. Ladies think about it. What is being put inside you has been treated with these chemicals. Lye? Sulfur? OMG!!!! Either way these condoms are sold in public markets and pubs. Our ancestors knew brilliant marketing and sold condoms in bars. Over 200 years later we still have condoms available in

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