Condoms And Abstinence Essay

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HIV is taking its toll in this country as it continues to spread, the underlining cause of this is a lack of strong education in dealing with it. This in turn puts into action a movement to make the next generation youth free of HIV, Eliminate the stereotypes associated with HIV, There must be a firm understanding of what infected children go through and the argument between condoms and abstinence being the best choice against the disease must be discussed thoroughly HIV/AIDs has spread and destroyed the lives of many. It primarily targets countries that are too poor to receive proper care and education to prevent the spread of the disease within the body. While many argue between condoms and abstinence as the two sources of protection, the …show more content…
The president and founder of the institute for youth development Sheperd Smith, made an article dedicated to proving that condoms cannot fully protect people from HIV. He also proclaims there is no such thing as safe sex at all, this is an important idea because it could cease HIV’s spread all together. Shepard Smith provides reason as to why there is no “Safe Sex” at all, the first reason stems from people’s lack of education on how many diseases there are. While condoms might keep a person safe from HIV/AIDS, there are other diseases like herpes that can be transmitted through skin to skin contact. Also teens have reported that using condoms after ingesting alcohol or drugs caused them to use condoms incorrectly, or the condom would unnoticably slip/break. It may seem like abstinence is lame or unpopular but on the contrary according to research done by Kaiser Foundation, it’s found that many teens find it cool to be virgins. It’s important to maintain a good connection with kids as a parent in order to ensure their full attention, when discussing what sex is and how abstinence is important. This information strongly conveys that abstinence is more efficient in an effort to stop HIV and many other diseases that come from

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