Condom Shop Promotes Safe Sex Through Protection By Using Text, Composition, And Sub Text

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The feeling of being protected or safe is one of the many needs of a human. According to protection is defined as “the act of protecting or the state of being protected; preservation from injury or harm.” But protection comes in many forms. This ad for Condom Shop is all about being properly protected and is advertising condoms and safe sex. In the ad you can clearly see that the man is in some sort of battle or situation and he is not properly covered or protected like the other men. Through this ad Condom Shop is promoting safe sex through protection by using text, composition, and sub text.
Fig. 1. Condom shop. Advertisement. Quotescope. 2010. Web.
As soon as the viewer looks at this ad, they would automatically notice the naked man in the middle. There are four men standing in a line against a wall and three of them or covered and armed from head to toe. When looking from left to right, the third man is the naked one. When looking at the men, you can see that the first two men have way bigger guns than the second two. In the background you can see that there is dust or dirt in the air and that the building in the back has spray paint on it. The men are standing behind a cement wall to protect them selves from what’s happening. There is also text on a condom in the lower right hand corner that is in bright yellow, red and black.
The text in an ad is what tells the viewer exactly what the ads about and what it is promoting which in this case its promoting…

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