Concussions : Time For Change Essay

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Concussions: Time for Change Imagine being in the peak of an athletic career, living the dream of a professional athlete. You start to feel pains in your head and feelings of dizziness and confusion, but you decide to keep playing and ignore the signs. Next thing you know you receive a concussion and are told you will never see the playing field again. Millions of athletes around the world suffer from concussions and thousands of them have fatal effects from them, and their families are burdened with this news. Concussions are a rising problem in our society today and a solution to this problem must be found. Too many people are suffering from side effects from concussion and end up dying much earlier than they normally should. A solution to concussions in a growing need in society and sports, a way to protect athletes who have received a concussion, make sports equipment and rules safer, and more reliable way to treat concussions is needed to ensure the continuation of contact sports. Concussions are a type of injury due to an impact blow to the head. According to the Brain Disorders Sourcebook when an injury to the head occurs it causes the brain to bounce against the skull, which damages blood vessels and structures deep within the brain that breaks down the normal flow of messages within the brain (226). Concussions vary in severity and are divided into three categories scaling from Grade 1 (least severe) to Grade 3 (most severe). Symptoms of a concussion depend on…

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