Concussions On Sports : Concussions Among United States High School And Collegiate Athletes

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Concussions in Sports Do you know what it is like to deal with a concussion? It isn’t fun. An estimated 30,0000 sport-related traumatic brain injuries, predominantly concussions, occur annually in the United States. (“Concussions Among United States High School and Collegiate Athletes”). One of my close friends Ang has had two concussions in her past two years of playing field hockey. Her recoveries were lengthy due to not following the right procedures and rules after her head injuries. Even though she was eventually cleared to play again, both times, the effects still haunt her to this day. She is currently a senior in high school dealing with major headaches, light sensitivity, and trouble concentrating in class. Sometimes in the middle of class she tells me that she is dizzy from looking at the board and that it hurts her eyes. Both of her concussions could have been prevented by taking the right precautions. Her recoveries were lengthy because she did not know the long term and short term effects of her head injury. If she would have known what she will still be dealing with to this day, she would have taken her recovery process much seriously. With concussions being the most common injury in sports, it is clear that athletes, coaches, and even parents have to take the right precautions to prevent it from happening along with being educated with the proper knowledge of how concussions can affect an athlete. Since the time that sports have been around, concussions…

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