Concussions On Football : A Deadly Number Essay

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Concussions in Football: A Deadly Number

“What a big hit on the football field on this frigid Friday night. It looks like he is down for the count.” I often hear something similar to this when watching a hard hit in a high school, college, or even an NFL football game. Devastating blows to the head is only one major consequence being out on the field. Even though the player might not notice anything wrong right away, there are many serious signs and symptoms that come along with concussions. They are a serious problem in football today because concussions can lead to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, and has even caused deaths from repeated hits to the head. Not having the ability to recall your name, where you are, and when you’re birthday is, are clear signs of mild traumatic brain injury known as a concussion. One of the scariest moments in my life was seeing my close friend get a concussion and not being able to remember who and where he was. When he was going up to catch the football, a person from the opposing team collided helmet to helmet with him. When he was brought to the sideline, he seemed like he wasn’t even there, like in a “vegetable” state of mind. Many signs and symptoms of concussions include headaches that constantly get worse, weakness, numbness, decreased coordination or repeated vomiting. Most of the time signs of concussions can be subtle and missed by patients, family, and even doctors.

There are not many sports that are physically demanding on…

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