Concussions in Football Essay

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Effects of Concussions in Football

CONCUSSIONS IN FOOTBALL 2 Football has become the most popular sport in America. Boys start playing at the age of 6 and, if they turn pro, could play into their 30’s or even 40’s. Some people will say, “They know what they’re signing up for” or “The players choose to play the game”. Just because they may choose to play the game, does that mean that they don’t deserve the very best protection that technology can afford them. I don’t think so. The more we learn about what “playing the game’ can do to the human body, in particular the brain, it only makes sense that we use the latest technology to help prevent as much damage as we
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In July 2010, the N.F.L. asserted greater risks of head injury and toughened warnings by producing a poster that bluntly alerts its players to the long-term effects of concussions, using words like "depression" and "early onset of dementia."
In addition to rule changes, the biggest advancement to the game has been to the safety equipment, in particular, the football helmet. Standards for helmets are written by the National
Operating Committee on Standards for Safety Equipment, or NOCSAE, which is made up primarily of the helmet makers themselves. According to David Brown of The Washington Post, these standards had not, until recently, changed significantly since 1973 despite the rising number of head injuries in the sport. In October 2010 when helmet-first collisions caused the paralysis of a Rutgers University player, a concussion to Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson and injuries to three other N.F.L. players, the issue of head injuries were brought to the forefront. Vin Ferrara, a former all-ivy league college quarterback, has developed a new helmet from Xenith that uses 12 to 18 shock absorbers that act as airbags for the head. The helmet is certified by NOSCAE and is considered by some to be the greatest advancement in at least 30 years.
Depression is one of a number of persisting symptoms experienced by

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