Concussions : Concussions And Its Effect On The Head Area Essay

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Jonathan Sohmer
Mr. Bates Period 1
English 12
7 January 2016
Senior Research Paper
Concussions in Football
Bang! Lights out. The most painful ringing is that of a concussion. A concussion is a very serious injury that results from harsh impact to the brain. Concussions can lead to serious long-term issues, as well as death and severe brain damage. With that being said, in contact sports, specifically American football, impacts to the head area are unfortunate familiarity. As a result of this problem, equipment and attire used in football has been continuously upgraded over time; however, the problem still remains. This has become a major concern for many, especially for the parents of youth football players. The problems that concussions have created are directly associated with brain damage in youth football players, long term side-effects in retired professionals, and the slow, yet seemingly inevitable downfall of professional football.
Evidence that this problem exists is plentiful. Outside of the professional league, there is an overwhelmingly large amount of youth and minor football organizations and clubs nation-wide. Concussions have become a very serious topic when addressed by the parents and guardians of youth football players. Concussions are far from rare. “The Sports Concussion Institute says that ten percent of all athletes who participate in contact sports have concussions each season” (Kamberg 22). In fact, there have been countless instances where a child…

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