Essay on Concussions And Concussions On Concussions

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Research indicates that multiple concussions may lead to dementia and lasting brain damage, and more concussions happen more in football than in any other sport, roughly 4.8 million players stay affected each year not including the NFL. The growing epidemic of concussions in football can be resolved by changing the safety regulations that go into helmets, the design of helmets and the material used, and the starting age of tackle football.
Concussions come about from brain injuries that happen when a person takes a blow to the head. Football helmets inhabit a design that helps absorb hits to the head, but they stay mainly designed to stop skull fractures, not concussions. Multiple concussions in a person 's life can cause CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy) a degenerative disease which can cause dementia, vertigo, deafness, and suicidality. Many cases have shown that extreme aggression and acts of violence continue to be possible symptoms of CTE, with many reports of retired NFL players beating, jailed, and even killing because of CTE. The one problem that makes having CTE very unpredictable do to the fact that it is non-diagonalisable. To figure if a player has CTE or not, the doctors must wait until the player is already dead, so that they may cut into the brain and do a series of test to confirm if they experienced CTE.
Concussions in football can easily be argued, saying that they can be completely avoided if teams would actually teach their players how to tackle…

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