Essay on Concrete Cube Compressive Strength

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Experiment No : 5 Title : Concrete Cube Compressive Strength (7 days) Introduction : To determine the strength, maximum load can be applied and workability of concrete mixture.
Theory :
Hard concrete test were conducted at the age of 3, 7, 14, 21 and 28 days after curing(but we tested it for 7 days only). The concrete strength increases according to the age,the mixture of its concrete design and the strength increment will continue for sometimes. Nevertheless, for most of the work, the concrete strength on the 28 days is set as standard even though it might be determined at a much earlier or longer period. The increment rate of the concrete strength will depend on the temperature and moisture during hardening process.
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*cube no. 1 and 5 is left outside(ambient temperature) while no 3 and 7 is left inside a tank of water*
*but mistakes happen when the staff at laboratory immersed all these concrete cube into water*
Data Analysis And Result

Area , A = L×W(mm²)

L = Length(mm)
W = Width(mm)

Compressive Strength = P/A × 1000(N/mm²)

P = Load (kN)
A = Area(mm²)

Sample Calculation

For sample reference of cube no. 1(group 20)

Area , A = L × W

= 150 mm × 150.125 mm

= 22518.75 mm²

Compressive Strength = P/A × 1000(N/mm²)

= 307.27kN/22518.75 mm² ×1000

= 13.65 N/mm²

Discussion and Conclusion

Reason why cube test is carried out because we want to determine the characteristic strength of the concrete. In this

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