Conclusion Of Waterstone

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Register to read the introduction… – home page is promoting the products in a more static method without considering the users interest

* Guidelines – Product recommendations at the home page should base on the products which the user has mostly/previously viewed. This will enhance the efficiency of promoting the products.

Conclusion – A competitor of the Waterstone web site, Amazon, attracts users to the home page by having a much dynamic page which does not provided by the waterstones

Test Scenario 3 - Consistency and Standards (Heuristic Evaluation Test) * Web Site: * Weakness - it is not clear to the user the product advertised is a book or a dvd

* Where is the problem? – Home page contains images of products and the names but it is not clear for the user as what they are selling, whether it is a book or a
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Test Scenario 4 - User Control and Freedom (Heuristic Evaluation Test) * Web Site: , , * Weakness – Simple and comprehensive search tool on home page

* Where is the problem? – n/a

* Guidelines – User Control and Freedom is ensured by providing a simple and comprehensive search tool for the users.

Conclusion – Waterstones website maintains user control and freedom in a well manner in compete with the market rivals such as amazon and barnes and noble.

Test Scenario 5 – Page load delay on home page (Scenario-based Analysis) * Web Site: * Strength – Loads the home page faster

* Where is the problem? – n/a

* Guidelines – better average load time was recorded at waterstone home page which is 1.47s.

Conclusion – Waterstones home page load time recorded the best average load time of 1.47s compared to its competitors load times of 4.17s for Amazon and 4.19 for Barnes and Noble. (Using the website comparison tool at

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