Conclusion Of Multiculturalism In Sociology

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Multiculturalism can be defined as multiple cultures living in the same country or community. It is usually used to describe constructed areas such as schools, neighborhoods, communities, and societies. Multiculturalism is also known as being culturally diverse. It is a way where different cultures are able to live together in a peaceful manner and where different cultures are respected. This can also encourage people to familiarize themselves and get to know about other cultures. Although many people may argue that multiculturalism is just another way to categorize individuals and point out their differences it is also a term used to define disadvantaged groups such as African Americans, religious groups, and other minorities. I will be using …show more content…
I’ve learned that a lot of people may be against the positivism approach to research in sociology because they believe that human behavior cannot be explained by ‘science’. I’ve also learned that the results and the key findings of a study depend on the approach the researcher takes to conduct research. Interperectivism is concerned with collecting detailed, in-depth information and search for reasons why things happen. While positivists are interested in collected numbers and statistics. I’ve also learned that positivist looks at large amounts of people while conducting their study such as an institution in the society. While Interpretivism looks a small group of people during their study such as a subculture in the society individually. In the future if I conduct a study I would prefer to use an interperectvism approach because I feel that I would gain a great deep understanding on the topic of study and that it would be interesting to hear individuals lived experiences. The most difficult elements of the research paper were finding a positivist and interpretivists on the same topic. Another difficult element was finding similarities with in the

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