Conch Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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In the novel Lord of the Flies, the island ends up in a state of chaos because of the lack of direction present. Hunting becomes the main priority on the island, and all the other chores are pushed aside. Violence occurs more frequently, resulting in the boy’s being harmed and even killed. The conch, a symbol representing freedom of speech, loses its power over the boys. These factors lead to the boys being disordered, and uncivilized. In William Golding’s, Lord of the Flies, the boys declining behaviour on the island demonstrates the need for humans to have rules.

In the beginning, the boys all believed in following the rules that they had set, and that finishing all the daily chores was necessary for their survival. During this time,
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The conch is the first rule created on the island, only allowing one to speak if they are holding it. The conch was a symbol everyone respected in the beginning. Even Jack, who later dismisses the conch and its importance, understood. He proves this when he “laid the conch with great care in the grass at his feet”, even though he was upset and humiliated over the fact no one had re-voted him chief instead of Ralph (Golding 140). When the boys all begin to dismiss the conch, and rules, Ralph refuses to blow the conch because “if i blow the conch and they don’t come back; then we 've had it” (Golding 99). Ralph recognizes that the conch is losing it’s meaning, and does not want to forfeit what he has left of his control over the boys. When Jack and his tribe separate from Ralph 's tribe there is no conch, or any other symbol, to establish rules and let each boy voice their own thoughts. This allows for Jack to take control, and make all the decisions himself. With no communication between the boys, Jack sees no sense in sharing the reasons for his decisions, resulting in the boys having to mindlessly accept the punishments, such as the one forced on Wilfred. In the end, the conch is shattered, taking all rules and civilization with it. With no conch, there was nothing in the way of Jack claiming the chief …show more content…
If the boys had kept the order, and had kept caught up on their responsibilities, they would have been rescued way before the deaths that happened on the island. If the boys embraced the rules, their savage side would not have consumed them, and Simon and Piggy would not have been killed. If the boys had respected the conch their entire stay on the island, and stayed conjoined to each other, and their goal of rescue, the boys would have remained civilized. Through the Lord of the Flies, William Golding was trying to show us the importance of rules, no matter how pointless they seem, and how we would live in fear without them. William Golding, using the boys, showed us that having rules in our society, is the only thing keeping us

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